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2016-09-06 09:20

Auto parts industry: China produces more than 20 million cars annually, and the cost of interior decoration of each car is about 8000 yuan, only the door panel is about 1300 yuan. According to the calculation of the door panel, the annual sales market volume will reach 26 billion yuan. If the market share is 1%, the annual sales will reach 260 million yuan.
Motorcycle industry: the annual sales of motorcycles in China is more than 25 million, the vehicle lamps and lanterns are 300 yuan per vehicle, and the annual market capacity is more than 7.5 billion yuan. Based on our current market share of 0.5%, the annual sales volume is 37.5 million yuan; The average value of each set of vehicle appearance covering parts is 380 yuan, with an annual market capacity of 9.5 billion yuan, and the annual sales volume is 95 million yuan based on 1% of the market share.
Appearance parts of electronic products: the market volume cannot be estimated. According to the preliminary estimate of the company's existing customers, the annual sales volume is more than 50 million yuan.
At present, the company has entered the supplier supporting system of Dongfeng Group, GAC Group and BAIC Group. Now, it is negotiating with Great Wall about supporting supply, and the future vision is to enter all Chinese automobile manufacturers.
As the first tier supplier of BAIC Motor Corporation Limited and Dongfeng Citroen, the company has the priority of design and supply by participating in the whole process of new product development. The newly developed BAIC new model M06 was officially put into production in March. According to the production and operation plan of BAIC, it is estimated that 70000 sets will be sold this year, at least 50000 sets will be produced conservatively, and the new sales revenue will be 60 million yuan. Dongfeng Citroen has two new products that have entered the proofing stage, and plans to put them into mass production in 2017, which will be one of the new highlights in 2017. As a secondary supplier of GAC Group, according to this year's production plan of GAC Group, A28 series models will reach 400000 in 2016, which is expected to bring the company 70 million yuan of new sales revenue. The company is actively striving to become a first-class supplier of GAC Group.
With the lifting of the ban on motorcycle lamps in Iran, the Iranian market will see a rapid increase in motorcycle lamps this year. It is estimated that the number of lamps exported to Iran will increase by 200,000 this year, with an additional sales revenue of nearly 20 million yuan.
The appearance of motorcycle parts remained at the level of last year.
Electronic products, through communication with Flextronics, plan to maintain the level of last year this year.
Marketing strategy: In 2016, the company will still focus on supporting main engines. In the next five years, the company will continue to adjust its product structure, focus on developing the auto parts market, and focus on breaking through other well-known Chinese auto manufacturers. Take the development of new automobile products and new customers as the top priority of the company's future economic growth.

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