General situation of the development of plastic machinery industry and the opportunities and challenges it faces

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2022-11-09 17:31

General situation of the development of plastic machinery industry and the opportunities and challenges it faces
Developed countries in the plastic machinery industry, such as Germany, the United States and Japan, have occupied an important position in the world plastic machinery industry with their advantages in precision, large and high-end plastic machinery products and talents; At the same time, relying on years of plastic machinery manufacturing experience and technology accumulation, and relying on the huge domestic and international consumer market, a number of large-scale plastic machinery enterprises have emerged to participate in global competition. At present, countries in Southeast Asia, Central and Western Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe are all important export places of China's plastic machinery products, and they have distinctive characteristics of complementary industrial advantages, which promote the production capacity cooperation between China's plastic machinery and the polymer composite processing industries in the world, and provide a broad market space.
1. Development overview of plastic machinery industry
As one of the three major synthetic materials, plastic has the advantages of light weight, good impact resistance, better transparency, wear resistance and good insulation. It is the key material for resource conservation and recycling in human society now and in the future. Various products made of plastic have been widely used in various industries of the national economy and various fields of people's life. At the same time, with the further development of the trend of replacing steel with plastics and wood with plastics, plastics are widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as aerospace, transportation, medical, household appliances, building materials, environmental protection, packaging, etc. As all plastic raw materials need to be processed and manufactured by plastic forming equipment, the plastic machinery industry is an "industrial machine" for processing polymer materials, and an important part of advanced manufacturing.
The main products in the plastic machinery industry can be divided into injection molding machines, extruders and blow molding machines according to the melting degree of raw materials before processing and different molding processes. Among them, the injection molding machine is the plastic processing equipment with the largest output and the largest usage. It plays a leading role in the field of plastic molding equipment, mainly used in automobile, household appliances, packaging, logistics and other industries. Worldwide, the output value of injection molding machines accounts for more than 40% of the total output value of plastic molding equipment. In China, the product composition of the plastic molding equipment industry is roughly the same as that of the world plastic molding equipment industry. The injection molding machine is also the plastic molding equipment with the largest output, output value and export in China.
With the continuous development and breakthrough of the performance and efficacy of polymer materials, the continuous innovation of polymer materials and other materials, and the extensive application of plastic products in manufacturing and life, the plastic machinery industry has a very broad prospect and will occupy a very important position in the general equipment manufacturing industry.
(1) Overview of injection molding machine industry
Injection molding equipment, usually called injection molding machine, is a kind of mechanical equipment that can make thermoplastic or thermosetting plastics into plastic products of various shapes through plastic molding molds. It has the ability to mold plastic products with complex appearance, accurate size or metal inserts at one time. The field of injection molding machine is an important branch of the plastic machinery industry. As the most widely used processing machine in the plastic processing industry, the injection molding machine can directly produce a large number of plastic products. It plays a leading role in the field of plastic machinery, accounting for about 40% of the output value of all plastic molding machines. It is an important symbol to measure the manufacturing capacity of plastic machinery.
From the perspective of the development history of injection molding machine, the injection molding technology has a history of nearly 100 years, and has gone through three stages: early technology germination, mature technology and equipment, and comprehensive development and innovation. Injection molding technology started before 1950s; After the 1950s, the development of injection molding equipment represented by screw injection structure and computer control technology, the establishment of injection molding theories such as melt flow and cooling in molds, and the emergence and application of a large number of thermoplastic materials marked the gradual maturity of injection molding technology. After the 1990s, major breakthroughs were achieved in the range of processable raw materials, product types and complexity, product quality, equipment types, etc, Injection molding technology has entered the stage of comprehensive application, development and innovation.
At present, injection molding machines have a variety of classification methods. The injection molding machine is the main equipment for injection molding. Its function is to transform the thermoplastic from granular raw materials to the final molded products, and complete a cycle of melting, injection, pressure maintaining and cooling in each step. According to the difference of material plasticizing methods, it can be divided into screw injection molding machine, plunger injection molding machine and screw pre plastic plunger injection molding machine. The mixing ability of screw injection molding machine and the quality of pre plasticizing raw materials are better than that of plunger injection molding machine; According to the different axis directions of injection and clamping devices, it can be divided into horizontal injection molding machines, vertical injection molding machines and angle injection molding machines. According to the different clamping forces, it can be divided into large injection molding machines, medium injection molding machines and small injection molding machines. The dividing lines of clamping forces are 5,000kN and 1000kN respectively. Small and medium-sized injection molding machines occupy the main market share.

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